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Partnering Ideas

The primary goal of CAST is to reduce violence and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs by partnering with other organizations in the community.


  • Help create mentoring experiences for young people.
  • Involve youth in drug-free project planning and other decision making opportunities.
  • Alcohol and smoking is not a rite of passage for teens that do activities that model drug-free lifestyles.
  • Influence community ordinances that encourage healthy lifestyle values; e.g., fines for adults hosting parties where alcohol is accessible to youth, no smoking in public restaurants, etc.
  • Help families establish “Family Policies” against underage drinking and smoking, and clearly identify the consequences. Include what positive consequences are in it for youth who make good choices.
  • Visit Our Programs for more examples of partnering ideas.


  • Some partnering ideas may not involve funding -- just an understanding of the joint venture.
  • Some partnering may include funding to CAST to build our capacity to promote community health.
  • Some partnering may request mini-grants from CAST to build their capacity to include prevention efforts in their mission.
  • For more information about CAST Partners In Prevention Project, call Lorraine Kaul, CAST Coordinator, at (401) 397-5616.

Input Wanted

Partners In Prevention Community Input Needed!

There is a grant opportunity coming our way. We have heard some ideas on what youth ages 9-12 need to keep them making healthy choices. We would like more input.

If your organization wanted to involve youth ages 9-17 in efforts that would help them make healthy choices and ultimately lead a drug-free life style:

  • What would you be willing to do?
  • How do you know that your activity is needed?
  • How do you know your activity would help?
  • How much would it cost?
  • If you can't do anything but know what is needed, what is your idea?
  • Other comments you may have that may direct us in providing for the needs of this age group.

We are looking for ideas from representatives from a cross section of the community; e.g., police, faith-based organizations, schools, businesses, town government, recreational programs, service organizations, after-school programs, parent organizations, families, etc.

Send ideas to:

    Box 436
    Foster, RI 02825
    Attn: Lorraine Kaul, Coordinator

Please respond immediately. For more information about this survey or other CAST projects, call Lorraine Kaul at (401) 397-5616.

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