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Here's what Patrick Buckley learned from the NICOteen experience...

NICOteen by Patrick Buckley

A huge problem in society today is underage smoking. There have been many attempts to try to end this ongoing dilemma, but none have seemed to work. Now BTIO Educational Products is going to give it a try. Enter the NICOteen Simulator Pack.

This is a devise with a small computer inside that acts as a craving for cigarettes. It talks, requires a response and keeps track of the physical and financial damage it does to you. This pack is going to try to keep teenagers off tobacco products before they start.

The NICOteen pack is a whole system inside a small box. Everything you do has an effect on something else. Along with the pack is a wristband and journal. The wristband has a key on it for putting in functions. Every now and again, the pack will talk. It will say that it is time-to smoke. The student must press the key to a spot on the back of the simulator. A list of options will come up, including smoking a cigarette, take a break, put the pack to sleep, or change the volume. When you smoke a cigarette, you must set a "Nicline". A "Nicline" is something that is said to the pack that represents taking a drag of a cigarette. These must be said every time the pack tells you to. When you are finished, the pack will say "Done." The cigarette was smoked, and you have to record it in your journal. After you "smoke" the pack lists how much money was spent and how much time was taken off your life due to smoking. Every cigarette costs 20 cents and takes eleven minutes off your life.

Smoking is a horrible habit to get into. This pack made me miserable for the weekend I took it home. It gets in the way, and ruins your social life. This simulation was not supposed to show what smoking was like, but what an addiction is like. It hit the nail pretty close to the head on this project. The pack went off more often at the end of the weekend, showing that an addiction gets worse over time. If our parents had these in school, the tobacco industry would be just about broke.

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